Innovations at International Builders Show - Day 1

The International Building Show, co-located with the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas, is a three-day long mega-tradeshow. Most of the innovations at the show are not grand new inventions, but small improvements to existing products. Here are a few interesting examples I saw on the first day:

Bumpers for Movable Scaffolds: makes it easy to protect walls and other finished work from damage by movable scaffolds and work platforms, defining a new best industry practice. 

LED Lamp to CoverRecessed Can Lights: There are many new, innovative LED lamps. This one, from, is designed to cover a recessed can fixture, a neat application that solves a common relamping problem.

The Attack of the Drones:  While proposed as a tool to survey or photo a construction jobsite, it is too tempting to carry in lunch take-out.  Only $300 at the show for the entry-level device from

Screws with Serrated Threads: Recently introduced in North America, offers screws with serrated leading threads that tap into wood and other materials to eliminate or need for pilot holes.

Bathtub to Shower Conversion Kits: Bathtubs can be difficult for aging baby boomers. and others are showing showers compartments -- complete with grab bars and seats -- designed to slip into the space formerly occupied by a 5 ft. bathtub,

Step by step, innovations like these contribute to the overall advancement of construction and satisfaction of market needs.