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Ceilings Plus increased sales over 25% annually working with Chusid.
— Nancy Mercolino, President, Ceilings Plus

The firm enjoyed record sales during my tenure as director of marketing and business development. I improved the sustainability of its products and launched new systems and finishes. Their sales material won the Construction Writers Association corporate communications award and, with aggressive PR, transformed the brand into an industry leader.

We benefitted significantly from
Chusid’s counsel, pattern recognition, and straightforward approach.
— Luke Pustejovsky, VP Business Development, CalStar Products

I helped raise $40 million in venture capital to get clean-tech start-up from proof-of-concept to full-scale operation. I provided due diligence, refined product offering, and used strategic promotion to fill pipeline.

I rely upon Chusid as my “Blank Page Guy” to whom I can turn when I am staring at a blank piece of paper and don’t know what to write first.
— Nick Paris, VP Marketing, Davis Colors

Colorants for concrete are a mature product category, yet I was able to identify new applications and generate increased demand. I created product literature, public relations, tradeshows, and packaging for the firm. Their guide specifications won the Excellence in Construction Information award from the Construction Specifications Institute.

Chusid made it possible for Lythic Solutions to build its brand, on an international scale, in a faster time frame than we had anticipated.
— Brad Sleeper, General Manager, Lythic Solutions

When a contractor discovered a nanotech process that improves concrete, he realized he needed expertise in building product marketing. Within a year, he had a business strategy, brand identity, marketing tools, buzz in the trade press, and international distribution. I continue to work with the company to expand into new market segments.

He helped the firm grow from a three-person start-up into a major international brand. I can depend on Michael for innovation and guidance.
— Arik Tendler, General Manager, US Quartz (dba Caesarstone USA)

After Caesarstone introduced quartz surfacing to North American residential construction, I showed them how to break into commercial construction, working on strategy, technology transfer, code approval, testing, product development, marketing communication and sales training. 

Chusid has enabled me to make better informed decisions.
— Scott Roos, VP Product Design, Juno Lighting
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Before tooling-up for to produce the first low-voltage commercial-grade fluorescent lighting system, Juno asked me to assess customer attitudes towards design options and pricing, identify buying influences, and evaluate product positioning. I used three market research modalities that enabled Juno to refine the proposed offering and to proceed with their investment with increased confidence.

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Michael’s thoughtful guidance, creative problem solving and commitment to our vision sustained our start-up through several difficult years.
— Mike Mehlhoff, President, Enviroc, Inc.

Weyerhaeuser hired me to research the US market for autoclaved aerated concrete. When they opted to not proceed, the project management launched an independent venture. I was instrumental in arranging for the purchase of equipment, evaluated sales potential, co-wrote the business plan, and helped secure commitments for $20 million in bond financing. 

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Entering North American Markets

Britestyle Products Ltd (United Kingdom) needed a strategy to bring their patented construction fasteners to North America. With my industry expertise, I quickly identified significant barriers to market entry and critical product liability and technical limitations. Determining that potential revenue could not support a stateside manufacturing or a unique brand, I connected them with a distributor for whom they now private label. 

For your on-going leadership in advancing new technologies; for your prolific articles that provide a valuable resource to the construction industry; and for raising the bar for technical support to design professionals through your profound impact on translating product information into useful and well-written technical documents and improving the tools and specifications of product manufacturers…
— Michael Chusid’s citation as Fellow of Construction Specifications

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