And You Shall Beat Your Swords Into Timeshares...?

Usually, we think that recycling is a good idea because we want the world to remain habitable for longer.  

Then there's another school of thought: recycling because it won't remain habitable.  

A developer in Kansas, Larry Hall, has remodeled a 1960's- era missile silo into 1,820-square-foot units condo units. Underground.  He's promoting it as a safe place to ride out any number of possible coming apocalypses.  He claims they will have site-grown food and purified well and rain water to house 70 people in lockdown for years. 

The condo units sell for $2 million each, and he sold out all units in one month.  Read more about it on

This is not the only former missile silo that has been converted for underground living, and more are available.  You can buy one for under $300,000 at  Think of how much you save on a remodel where you don't have to replace windows or apply exterior finishes!