Finding Hidden Architects

How can a building product manufacturer or sales rep stay in touch with architects that are working out of their homes and other unconventional business venues?
A recent post by Architectural Record discusses architects working out of storefronts and other unconventional locations as survival strategies during these tough times, including the one shown above who sets up his "Architecture 5 Cents" booth at farmers' markets.

While architects have always been nomadic, moving from office-to-office as they hire then fire for big projects, the recent recession has made it even more difficult for manufacturers and sales reps to locate their prospects.

Here are some tips:

1.  If you build relationships of trust and service with architects, they will call you when they need your products.

2.  Ask architects for their personal contact info. Make it clear this is not to bombard them with spam, but to be able to contact them in the future, "if necessary."

3.  Architects working alone or in small offices frequently seek out professional comradeship by attending professional society meetings, educational events, and local product shows.  You can attend as well.

4.  In a big office, there was always someone around to speak with or to get advice. Architects working from home increasingly go online for the same types of interaction. You need to, too.

5.  Track them down using Linked In and other online resources.