Time to update your passwords!

Yesterday a major data breech was announced by third-party marketer Epsilon. They claim the information stolen "only" included the names and emails of people that have done business with over 50 very large companies.  Hopefully most people will not have any problem worse than temporary increases in spam, but PC Magazine has a helpful article about ways to protect yourself (and your company!). Their most important advice is:
Main rule of thumb - don't provide any personal information. Best Buy is not going to ask you to click on a link and enter your credit-card information. Citi will not ask you to confirm your Social Security number via email. When in doubt, don't. Call the company to double check, and forward the email to spam@uce.gov.
This is also a good opportunity to change your key passwords, if you have not done so recently. Create strong new passwords, and be sure each site has a unique password to limit damage in case one does get hacked. Lifehacker has several useful articles on creating - and remembering - strong passwords.