Who's posting pictures on Facebook?

According to data released by Pixable, age is no longer a strong indicator of who posts pictures to Facebook. The difference between 26-year-olds (most photos) and 46-year-olds was only 30%. Still a significant gap, but that's still over 400 photos per user in the over-40 demographic.

As notable, it is estimated there will be over 100 billion photos on Facebook by Summer 2011.

Most building product manufacturers will likely never have or need substantial galleries on Facebook or similar social networks, but this new data points to two important conclusions:

1. The people making purchasing decisions about your product are on Facebook, and are accustomed to viewing and commenting on photos there.

2. Facebook photos have become part of the new default landscape, and should be considered part of your baseline marketing mix.

What does this mean for you? If you do not already have a Facebook page for your company and/or products, consider this further evidence that you need one (even if it's minimalist and rarely updated). If you do have a Facebook page, be sure you have at least a small collection of good photos. I recommend a mix of product and project shots, with a couple installation pics if available.

There continues to be some debate about who owns photos posted to Facebook. Err on the side of caution; post good pictures, but not your best, indispensable ones. Assume that you will loose control of, and possibly ownership to, whatever pictures you post, and select accordingly.

(Pixable is a new online company with services that give Facebook users more options for accessing and cataloging their friends' pictures, and the study sample size was only 100,000, so take these findings with an appropriate grain of salt. You can see the full infographic here.)