A tagline can be an invaluable part of your brand. A good tagline has to be short, memorable, properly positioned, and on-target to communicate to your prospects and customers.

Here are examples of taglines developed by Chusid Associates:

A Step Up 
Zephyr Metalcraft
The tagline references their primary product, yet also captures the premium quality of their custom made monumental stairways.

The Renaissance of Fine Plasters
TexSton Industries
The use of the term, "renaissance" speaks to the Italian heritage of the firm's venetian plasters, and also to its role in reviving and updating an ancient craft.

Anchors that Hold Fast. Delivered Fast.
Heckmann Building Products
At a glance, a customer knows what the company makes and is reassured of the performance of both the products and the service.

Setting the Standard for Concrete Colors
Davis Colors
Their color cards used to say: Color Standards for Concrete. A minor change casts the firm as the industry leader.

Make Space for Grove Shims
Grove Products, Inc.
Little things on construction job sites are often overlooked, as are the companies that make them. Of course, making space is what shims are all about.

The Difference in Densifiers 
Lythic Solutions
For a brand new company with a new type of densifiers, we needed to emphasize that their products were different than all the established brands.

The Harder, Faster, Better Plaster
CTS Cement Manufacturing - Eisenwall Brand
The rhyme and meter of these product attributes flows like poetry.

Note that some of these taglines have been retired.  Each worked well in its day and helped the client advance to the next level.