App to Find People at Trade Shows

Nowadays, there seems to be a mobile phone app for everything.  The latest app I've come across seems to have a great implication for trade shows -- Fast Society.

Fast Society allows people at large chaotic events, such as trade shows, to communicate their exact locations and schedules with their team.  Of course you'd have to build your team first.  I'd suggest messaging a few contacts/prospects before a trade show, sending them your team information, and then connecting with them while you're there. describes Fast Society:
"Anyone who has attempted to organize a group outing knows how frustrating coordinating schedules can be, not to mention the difficulty of actually sticking together in a crowded public space once they’re hangin’. Enter Fast Society, a mobile chatroom-slash-friend locator that could change people’s (social) lives. The free app allows its users to group text, conference call, and share locations among groups of friends (known as “teams”) for specified time periods. (Mashable recommended it for concerts, but it can be used for any unruly excursion.) Although there are similar apps on the market, like GroupMe, Fast Society is emerging, um, fast as the category leader."