Suggestion for New Lighting Fixtures

 Architectural Lighting Online asked its readers to suggest "Lighting Product Areas in Need of Further Development". Here are two ideas I suggested:

1. Illuminated signage and exit lights built into the body of doors, entrances, and storefronts. With LED lamps, reduced fixture thickness and lower power requirements should make this feasible. In retail, there are great merchandising opportunities for illuminated signage right at the point of entrance and exiting. Integrated into emergency systems, programmable fixture could offer up to the moment information about the safety, for example, of using a door. I see other opportunities in hotels to illuminate corridors and provide room identification.

2. Automatically tracking spotlights for ballrooms and lecture rooms.  As a frequent presenter at industry conferences, I am frustrated that I can not readily aim fixtures to suit my required room layout. Please give me spots that I can aim without calling on building maintenance. There are already lights that can be refocus this way for use in surgical suites; the surgeon uses an "infrared wand" to aim the light fixtures. This may suggest a way to accomplish this.

Chusid Associates has worked with many lighting fixture manufacturers to develop and launch new products like these. Call me if you would like to discuss these suggestions.

As an aside, this type of question can also be posed by building product manufacturers as a way to engage with customers. It is a great form of social media.