Basic Email and Forum Netiquette

Lifehacker posted this list of basic online etiquette with users' personal lives in mind, but the list is equally important, or more so for use in your online marketing campaigns. Their etiquette rules include:
  • Learn the rules and read the archives.
  • Don't rehash old issues.
  • Avoid "me-too" posts.
  • Quote relevant text only in replies.
  • Take care with "out-of-office" replies.
  • Not everybody will agree on everything.

Read the full article to get more detail on each of those points.

Excellent advice, all of it. Many companies looking to enter or expand their online profile will turn to forums and email lists, and the increasingly net-savvy users are even less tolerant of "improper" behavior from companies than from other users.

What other netiquette rules have you discovered that should be on this list?