Press Kits at Tradeshows

World of Concrete attracts a large contingent of construction industry and popular press editors and reporters. The show's producers, Hanley Wood, do a great job of providing a press room and space for press conferences. If you are exhibiting at WOC, take advantage of the opportunity to stock the press room with press releases. The press room has long tables where exhibitors can display their press releases, and most editors do take the time to scan the materials on the table; most go back to their offices with a satchel full of news they plan to use in the coming year. Here are some tips published by World of Concrete on how to do an effective press kit:

Press Preferred Media Kit Format: Based on press feedback, we recommend that you go green and do not provide many printed press kits. Printed materials are difficult for the press to carry onsite and are expensive to ship back to their offices. Additionally, it causes the press to re-key information about your company vs. copying content electronically to help create content.

We strongly recommend you provide:
1) 50 flash drives (least bulky digital media) containing the Media Kit Content suggested below or provide an online media kit URL on your Company Overview sheet
2) 50 copies of printed 8.5” x 11” company overview
3) Something to hold/display the materials onsite

If you do decide to provide printed media kits, please supply 50 copies and preferably something to hold/display your media kits onsite such as a lucite/plastic holder.

8.5” x 11” Company Overview (Optional and in addition to your Press Kit.)
• Company logo
• At the top, provide your Booth #(s) and who the press should contact for more information onsite and post-show
• Online media kit URL
• What your company does
• Target market (geographically and within industry)
• List of products you’re exhibiting with brief description
• What’s New
• Why press should visit your booth or press conference
• Outline your show activities (speaking engagements and demonstrations); who is available for interviews, what is their expertise, when and where they will be available.

Electronic/Printed Press Kit Contents
This is your chance to be detailed; but make sure the information you provide is also newsworthy, grammatically correct, clear and concise.
• Write-up about company
• Write-up about products and applications
• Dated press releases
• Hi-res, print ready photos (on CD or flash drive)
• Video demonstrations (on CD or flash drive)

Chusid Associates will be at the show again this year -- we have six clients participating in the event. I would welcome the chance to meet with you to discuss your marketing requirements. Contact Michael Chusid ahead of time or at the show via my cell phone - 818.210.4937.