Give obsolete sample sets a good home

What does this son and grandson of CSI members like to play with? Building product samples, of course! In fact, the teachers at his nursery school also think product sample kits are good for play and crafts. Fun to stack. More fun to knock down.  Colors to sort. And finger dexterity to put samples back into the box.

Ziggy invites you to donate your obsolete sample sets to his school c/o his father, Aaron Chusid, 9190 Rockville Pike, Bethesda, MD 20814. The school will decide what's age appropriate.

Samples on Beaded Chains

In an era of high tech marketing, remember that customers still want to see and touch samples.

An effective way to do this, especially for small samples, is on a beaded chain. The chain can be conveniently hung in a sample library in a designers office, or behind the counter in a distributor's showroom. They take up less room than a wall-hung display board. They are usually inexpensive to produce and ship in a compact package. Customers can readily remove a single piece if needed for further examination or a mock-up. And the chain keeps your samples together, so you can keep your act together.

Samples on Beaded Chains

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Beaded chains of plastic laminate samples, as shown in photo, are a standard way of distributing small samples to customers. Compared to other methods of displaying samples, such as display boards, chains are economical and easy to assemble and ship. They can be displayed simply on a hook in a distributor's showroom or designer's library. When needed in the field or to bring to a customer's office, they are compact and easy to transport; unlike boxed samples, pieces will not fall out if a chain is tipped over. Chains allow samples to be held up against other materials for color matching, or to be readily removed if necessary for closer examination. Flipping through chain engages the customer kinesthetically, creating a stronger sales impression.

Environmentally, chains minimize packaging, and can be readily recycled with other metal scrap.