Tradeshow Booth Sidewalls Restrictions

Most trade shows that offer "inline" 10 x 10 ft booth spaces prohibit exhibitors from using tall display materials that encroach into the front five feet of the booth. The logic has been that this restriction assures that attendees can see into booths down an aisle without blocked views.

Recently, I have seen many instances of shows relaxing their policy, giving waivers, or not enforcing the sidewall limits. Is this a trend?  These examples were at the recent ABX tradeshow in Boston:
Comes to within 2 ft of aisle.
The post and rack cut into the view of the neighbor's booth.
The front half of the booth's glass side walls are transparent for minimal interference with views.
Freestanding, yes; but as tall and opaque as a wall.
1. Limiting the encroachment of side walls make good neighbors.
2. Ask show management for waivers before shipping your booth.