Chusid certified to teach Lightning Protection Basics

I am now certified by the Lightning Safety Alliance to teach continuing education courses in Lightning Protection Basics.

Every location in the continental U.S. is at risk of damage due to lightning. Lightning causes over a billion dollars annually of damage to buildings and their content in the U.S. The risks are increasing as more building systems have digital controls that are vulnerable to lightning surge. This is in addition to risks of injury and death.

The good news is that lightning protection systems, designed and installed in accordance with recognized industry standards, provide reliable and affordable protection. Lightning protection also contributes to the sustainability and resilience of buildings and communities.

The bad news is that many people in the building design and construction industry are unfamiliar with the scope of the problem or how to access solutions.

Help me rectify that situation by hosting a continuing education program. I am available, without fee, to present the one-hour training to professional and trade associations, architectural and engineering offices, property management groups, and civic organizations.