Specifications Consultant in Independent Practice

Specifications Consultants in Independent Practice (SCIP.com) is an international technical resource organization which assists design firms, owners, and manufacturers in acquiring professionally written construction specifications from qualified independent and employed specifiers, who:
  • advance excellence in preparing construction specifications. 
  • promote their special services and expertise to potential clients. 
  • share their knowledge, experience, and resources through discussions, conferences, and educational programs. 
  • network for mutual benefit.
Building product manufacturers will find this a good group with which to connect. The organization has opportunities for event sponsorship that can serve this purpose.

Many SCIP members are sole practitioners or have small firms, but they should not be overlooked by manufacturers or rep organizations. Make sure your folks in the field know of the SCIP members in their territories.

Most SCIP members, however, work as consultants to architectural firms;  their clients are the ones that make most of the major product decisions. This means that SCIP members want access to technically knowledgeable members of your team instead of "sales" calls.

I am a SCIP member, and personally endorse the organization.