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The following is a message from David G. Axt, CCS, CSI, SCIP, publisher of I endorse his service.

I used to work with a specifier who put the company name and website along with the representative’s name, phone number and email address in every section. The reps loved seeing their name in print. The contractors loved not having to look up the contact information. The architects loved it too. But with all double-edged swords, the other side was equally as sharp. The contact information became quickly out of date. I would get annoying emails and calls such as, "Frank's number is disconnected what is his new number?" "I called Joe and he no longer represents that product." "Sally's email bounced back." “The company’s website link is not working.”

Sometimes I spent more time updating contact information than I did writing specifications. I searched my big box of loose business cards and two full rolodexes only to find I mostly had out of date cards. Sometimes I found a card for a rep’s current and all past companies. I would check product binders (remember those?) only to find yet another out of date contact. I would check the company website only to have to fill out an online form or the site would only list top executives instead of local representatives.


Why isn’t there one place that has current representative information? That way I can concentrate on writing specifications. If this site was accessible to everyone, then I would not waste time answering questions about contact information. Others could easily look the information up.

Since there was no such a website, so I had to create my own. Thus was born “Local Product Reps” website ( This site is far from complete but is a good start. My goal is that this site will grow to be the source for product rep contact information. My website will benefit everyone involved in the construction industry.