Joke of the Day -- MSDS

I have received a Material Safety Data Sheet for building panels that are made almost entirely from cement and fine aggregate.  Look at some of the stupid errors it contains:
  • It lists "cement" as an ingredient, but does not indicate type nor its CAS number.
  • It does not mention ingredients that I know, from visual inspection, are included -- such as the fine aggregate.
  • It provides fire fighting instructions and advises against ignition sources -- for a non-combustible product.
  • It does not differentiate between exposure to dust from cutting and exposure to the intact concrete.
  • It advises against inhalation, but is silent about containing crystalline silica, a health hazard present in all concrete products.
  • It has asinine disposal requirements, for concrete, such as: "Disolve or mix the material with a combustible solvent and burn in a chemical incinerator equipped with and (sic) afterburner and scrubber." And,
  • We are advised to store the concrete panels in "a tightly enclosed container." 
But that errors in the MSDS report are not the funny part. The joke is that:

The manufacturer published the document!

Please - if you are responsible for your company's product literature, use common sense when you read the document. And if you do not feel qualified to review a document, ask the lab to explain their report or find a qualified consultant to help you.