Double Talk about a Product

A website for a decorative tin ceiling tile manufacturer proudly proclaims,
NEW QUICKER INSTALLATION! No screws or plywood required, just use construction adhesive and an air stapler or air nailer to secure tiles and panels to drywall etc.
Six paragraphs later, however, it says, 

To ensure the most solid and stable installation, we feel that it is always better, and highly recommended, that you nail, screw or staple your tin ceiling up to 1/4" plywood or wood strapping. Therefore achieving a safe, as well as secure hold.

Safety is a serious issue with tin ceilings since tiles have sharp edges that could cause an injury if one fell. 

A more honest approach would be to publish instructions it like this:
We recommended that you nail, screw or staple your tin ceiling up to 1/4"minimum plywood or wood strapping.  While tin panels can be installed to gypsum board with construction adhesives and an air stapler or air nailer, this is not as safe, especially when installed overhead.
This would also reduce the manufacturer's exposure to product liability claims (at least in the US).

 (I added the bold highlighting to the quoted paragraphs.)