Architectural Photographers

Association of Independent Architectural Photographers has two resources for anyone looking for an architectural photographer:
Members are vetted through a review of a portfolio and check of references. The directory can be searched by state or country in which photographer typically works. Links to photographer's website and email addresses alloy you to quickly view portfolios and contact the photographers that interest you.

You may prefer to post a description of your project and let interested photographers contact you. This could be especially useful if you are looking for a vendor that can provide specific requirements.

Some building product manufacturers form a relationship with a single photographer and send the vendor around the country or world.  The benefit of this is that you get a consistent look throughout your portfolio. In addition, you save the time (and the expense of unusable images) required to educate new photographers about what is important about your product and your image.

Alternatively, you may want to hire photographers that are based near the building you need photographed. This, obviously reduces travel costs. It also makes it more convenient for the photographer to be on-call for specific events -- like the day your product is installed -- and to dash off to the job site when the weather and lighting is just right.  In many instances, I have found that a local photographer has already shot a building and I could license images without paying for shooting and prep time.