Branded Building Toys

"The top holiday best selling toys of 2013 were primarily tech/building-related toys!"
Instead of Kenner Girder and Panel, why not Vistawall kits! Photo from a blog about vintage toys.

That's the word from Jill Knepper who was an active contributor to this blog before joining a consumer-oriented marketing consultancy.Another source says:
 "According to NPD Group point-of-sales data, the building sets category grew nearly 20% in 2012 … and 2013 will be even hotter. Many manufacturers are diversifying their existing building lines and other companies who may not have previously specialized in building toys are responding to this surge and creating construction sets for kids of all ages, interests and abilities.

Includes: New innovations in building sets (i.e. building toys that go “beyond the blocks”) and an increasing number of licenses." (emphasis added)
I suggest that the growth of building toys is a backlash to the virtual play and electronic toys. What ever the cause, building product manufacturers can benefit from this trend by licensing their brands to toy companies or producing their own product lines. Such toys will help build brand awareness, create goodwill, and may even produce revenue.
Caterpillar is already in the game.

Imagine the possibilities:
  • Mason and carpenter action figures by Master Builders.
  • Erector set alternatives by Vulcraft.
  • Doll houses with kitchen counters by Caesarstone.
  • Junior electrician kits with wiring and LEDs (low voltage for safety) by Cree.
  • Building blocks by Boral Bricks.  
See some recent building toys at here.


Mattel is buying Mega Brands, makers of Mega Blox building toys, evidence of the high interest in building toys.


JCB, the construction equipment manufacturer, is offering some really BIG toys. They have broken ground in New Jersey for DiggerLand USA, a theme park that "will allow children and their families to drive, ride and operate heavy construction machinery in a safe, monitored, family-friendly environment."