Bad Ad: You're looking at wasted ad buy

What is VRF? The ad sure doesn't say. The first five responses to a Google search on VRF says it is "virtual routing and filing, whatever that means. It also returns "violation risk factor", "visual resources facility", "vertical reporting framework", "very rapid fire", "vertical removal fixture", and many other terms that seem plausible as construction terms.  I conclude that the glazed look on the model's face means another case of VRF -- Verified Readership Failure.

Except for one line mentioning "heating and cooling", the ad could be for almost anything. But the ad doesn't draw the reader to read it so carefully that they see the words "heating and cooling".

VRF turns out to be "variable refrigerant flow", a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) technology. Perhaps I was not the target of the ad, that the ad was directed to engineers that know the abbreviation. Then why did they place the ad in Building Design and Construction, a magazine also read by architects, building owners, and general contractors -- readers that can influence the selection of heating and cooling equipment.

My guess is that the ad agency did not know what VRF was either, and that the folks who signed off on the ad think everybody knows the product. In that case, all they had to do was link the brand, LG, with the technology, VRF; the ad could have been as simple as:


Such a simplified ad has a clearer message, could be more visually arresting, and would probably outperform what they used.