Ask for testimonials

In sales, nothing is more powerful than a recommendation from a happy customer. When a customer gives you or your company a complement, ask them to put it into a letter. Or better, in this online age, ask them to post their thoughts on their blog, twitter, facebook, or other social media site.

As an example, here is a recommendation Erik Missio, editor of Construction Specifier posted to Linked-in after my request for his comments:
"As the editor of a peer-reviewed design/construction magazine, I’ve happily worked with Michael Chusid on multiple occasions over the last 10 years. A writer, consultant, and advocate, he brings his vast experience in architecture and the built environment to topics as diverse as concrete, ceilings, sustainable design, and wall finishes. Whatever the specific subject matter, Michael’s writing displays not only his wordsmith skill and ability to convey complex technical information, but also his passion for the world of building products and materials. He also understands the needs of editors in a trade publishing environment. In other words, his writing is clear and concise, his arguments are persuasive without losing objectivity, he meets deadlines, secures photography, and provides sources for his information, and he truly understands both his story’s content and its audience. It’s a genuine pleasure working with him."
 Don't be niggardly in giving recommendations to your customers. Architects, contractors, and distributors like to be recognized, too.