Do the Math

Sheldon Wolfe, author of Constructive Thoughts, has given this blog the Liebster Award, a method of recognizing good blogs that do not get much traffic.

Like many social media campaigns, this one is based on the power of something going viral. Each receipient is supposed to give awards to five more blogs.  Here is a comment I left on Sheldon's site:
I appreciate the honor given to {NOW:}

I am concerned, however, that the concept behind the Liebster Blog is Award impractical. Consider the math:

If each award recipient honors the commitment to nominate 5 other blogs, and does so within 10 days of receiving the award, there would be, within the first year, 5 raised to the 36.5 power = 3.2539072e+25 awards given. This is a a quantity that exceeds by orders of magnitude a reasonable estimate of blogs around the world, 1.81e7, tracked by Nielsen/McKinsey. (

In addition to being clear, complete, and concise, I also aim for constructability. A decision to participate in a "chain letter" of any type can only be founded on the assumption that the instructions will not be followed by all the recipients.

And if I wanted my instructions to be ignored, I would write construction specifications. ;-(
Still, I will list some of the blogs I follow: -- I write it. -- the brave new world of digital fabrication and composite materials

Many science blogs: I don't remember their names because they automatically load to my home page.

While not blogs, I subscribe to many e-newsletters on topics of interest.

Beyond that, I love the surprise of wandering through the internet, with one idea leading to another.