MasterFormat Live!

Place is one of the fundamentals of "Four Ps" of marketing, along with Product, Price, and Promotion.

In building product marketing, one of the places affecting your market is i MasterFormat, the industry's standard for organizing construction information.

MasterFormat is updated annually by its sponsors, Construction Specifications Institute and Construction Specifications Canada, based upon input from the construction industry.

I made several suggestions that have been accepted in the most recent revision cycle:

08 43 00 Storefronts - The text explaining this section has been changed to read: "Section Includes: one or two-story openings infilled with glass and other materials for exterior and interior applications."

23 34 39 Air Destratification Fans - This new section was made necessary by growing use of this product category.

32 13 16.16 Roller-Compacted Concrete Paving has been reassigned to number 32 13 13.17 for improved consistency in the numbering system.