Strange Specs

I found the following text in a guide specification from a building product manufacturer.
A.     General Locations and Arrangements:  Drawing Plans and Details indicate general location and arrangement of underground storm and drainage piping systems.  Location and arrangement of Storm Water Systems is critical and design consideration should be taken into account.  Install Storm Water Systems as indicated herein and as directed by product manufacturer, to maximum extent practical.  Where specific installation procedure is not indicated, follow product manufacturer’s written instructions.
Rewritten to comply with CSI principles for specifications, here is what I think they are trying to say:
A.  Install in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.
The original language is self contradicting, vague, and redundant. More, the language about complying with drawings and specifications is assumed to be part of the Division 00 Contract Forms or Division 01 General Requirements.

Which version would you rather bid on or attempt to comply with?

B.  All products shall be inspected for defects and cracks before being lowered into excavation, piece by piece. 
I suppose this means that the product must be cracked before installation.

For tips on how to avoid making mistakes like these, I will be teaching a CSI Webinar on Guide Specifications on September 27. Watch for details.

Photo from Wikipedia