Cement Nanotube Concrete Reinforcement

Top right: Cement microstructure. SEM image of cement paste with portlandite precipitates within calcium-silicate-hydrated C-S-H gel. Using atomistic simulations, this work indicates that cement nanotubes can exist. The chemically compatible nanotubes are constructed from the two main minerals in ordinary Portland cement pastes, namely a calcium silicate hydrate called tobermorite (bottom left) and calcium hydroxide (bottom right). (Images: Dr. Ayuela, Donostia Internacional Physics Center)
Carbon fibers are difficult to mix into portland cement concrete, making them an unlikely candidate for nano-reinforced concrete. New scientific work suggests an alternative may be possible, nanotubes made from portland cement.

This is more evidence that material sciences are advancing at an amazing pace and will have unpredictable effects on construction.

Oh brave new world.