New Internet Top Level Domain Candidates

The governing body of the Internet, ICANN, has been taking applications for top level domains (TLD) that can be used as alternatives to the common .com, .org, .edu and other TLD. For the application fee of $185,000 plus $25,000 per year, you to can own a TLD named for your company, brand, or industry.

For example, Lanxess, a global chemical company that makes pigments for concrete has their current website at If their application is granted, you will be able to find them at "" or even by entering the stripped down url "lanxess". Email could have addresses such as colors@lanxess, john.doe@lanxess.

The first batch of applications of "sponsored" TLDs was announced yesterday. It contains a handful of building industry terms, including: 
  • architect
  • build
  • builders
  • codesconstruction
  • contractors
  • design
  • engineer
  • engineering
  • equipment
  • diy
  • lighting  but not light
  • solar 
Only a few construction brands are are on the list, and these mostly by firms with interests that extend into many industries:
  • bosch
  • bostick
  • dupont
  • dwg (the file format used by Autocad)
  • homedepot
  • lanxess
  • rockwool 
Mitek has applied for several names, including "connectors".

Many of the applicants for TLDs are brokers that buy and then resell terms. for example: "glass" is applied for by a domain holding company, making it unclear whether their intention is to use it for window glass or for beverages. Other construction-related terms have been applied for by companies with other applications in mind: Microsoft has applied for "windows" for example.

There are no industry sector names such as:
  • ceiling
  • concrete 
  • lumber
  • steel
  • stone
  • wall
  • wood
There are no construction industry publishers on the list, no trade associations, and few major manufacturers.

Most of the construction industry has, apparently, taken a wait and see attitude towards TLDs. Perhaps the price will decline. And it remains to be seen whether owning a TLD gives a competitive advantage. For example, if Pepsi saw no reason to register their brand, why should Lafarge or USG or other building product companies. When I need a url, I generally just type the company name into a search engine; for Lanxess, I just guessed and went straight to

The industry seems to be saying, "ICANN wait."