LEED revision postponed to 2013

With environmental criteria driving selection of many building products, manufacturers have to stay aware of revisions to the US Green Building Council's LEED program. A major revision was due for publication this year, but has been postponed 2013 to allow more public comment.

According to USGBC:
LEED 2012 was envisioned as a significant step that would raise the bar on performance. During public comment, we heard repeatedly that our community need more time to absorb the changes we’re proposing and to get their businesses ready to take the step. Most importantly, they want more visibility into the infrastructural improvements — forms, documentation, education and LEED Online – to inform their internal adoption strategies.

Therefore we’ve decided to delay ballot on LEED until June 2013. We see this ballot date change as an opportunity to begin to refer to this next version as LEED v4.

We’re also committing to a fifth public comment, and it will open on October 2, 2012, and run thru December 10, 2012. At Greenbuild in November, we will hold public forums and educational sessions. (source, edited for brevity.)
BOTTOM LINE: Take advantage of this delay to:
  1. Participate in comment process to position your product.
  2. Educate your staff.
  3. Align your products with new credit opportunities. And,
  4. Prepare new marketing materials.
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