Take This Tablet To Improve Business

Tablet computers are moving into the construction industry in a variety of ways.  A series of articles in the February, 2012 edition of California Builder & Engineer describes various uses of tablets for contractors, including on the construction site, both ruggedized tablets specifically designed for construction, and the un-ruggedized but incredibly sexy Apple iPad. 

Tablets have an equally attractive potential as a sales tool.  The iPad, for example, offers an engaging way to share visual information, and it has impressive functionality to implement that process.  Development of specialized software – apps – that can present your product or system in the ideal way is relatively inexpensive.  It can to provide your product and sales information with high visual engagement – think about a brochure with embedded videos, or an interactive design tool for placing your product into an environment -  as well as pull down information from the Web, and email any and all of it to the customer as you work. 

There’s still time to be near the beginning of this trend.  But probably not much time.