The iconic 87 ft. dia. sphere containing the Hayden Planetarium was fabricated by Ceilings Plus, as anyone visiting HonestBuilding.com can now find out.
A new website, www.HonestBuilding.com, attempts to create social networking with a cloud-sources database of commercial buildings. They say, "Honest Buildings is a software platform focused on buildings. It brings together building service providers, occupants, owners, and other stakeholders onto a single portal to exchange information, offerings, and needs. It provides a voice for everyone who occupies buildings, works with buildings, and owns buildings globally to comment, display projects, and solicit business with the macro goal of creating a more sustainable environment."

It may be useful to Building Product Manufacturers, too. As the site says, service providers can:
  • Increase company exposure and build brand awareness.
  • Share completed projects and highlight team members across popular social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • Drive business by attracting new clients with your showcased projects and networking with the Honest Buildings Community.
  • Profile information will be included and searchable in the Honest Buildings directory.
I add to this list:
  • Identify prospects, especially for maintenance of existing buildings.
I have started populating the website with photos of notable work done by Chusid Associates' clients, including case studies about the firm's contribution to the success of the project and links to websites and other sales collateral.

  • Remember to maintain the description of your own building as part of your overall online reputation management program.