Anecdotal Evidence: Publicity Works

Publicity is a hard thing to track, as we have often noted here, so we like to report the anecdotal evidence that we find.

Recently, we published a 4-part blog post about ten innovative trends in building materials and construction that we think are worth watching.  We also sent out a special edition of our e-newsletter, reporting the 10 trends and linking to the blog.

This is, however, the first edition of our e-newsletter where we have included our editorial contacts on the mailing list.

Why didn't we think of that earlier?  The same morning that the e-newsletter went out, it was picked up and reprinted by Environmental Design and Construction, a major print and digital magazine.

Magazines, both digital and traditional, are hungry for content.  A press release or a contributed article is a great, cost-effective way to tell your story, in depth, to thousands of people who want to read it.