Where Young Architects Learn

I recently discovered Architexts, a cartoon published at architexts.us by two young architects that tell it like it is.

Most of the strips deal with the frustrations of CAD, interoffice politics, and the difficulties of making a living as an architect. Some of their cartoons, however, contain insights that are valuable for building product sales and marketing people. 

I plan to  occasionally repost some of the strips and offer my comments about them in this blog. 

There is a lot of truth to the strip above. To a large extent, architectural schools teach theory, and architectural practices focus on production. This educational vacuum creates opportunities for building product firms to build their brand and get specified by providing training to young architects

Good building product sales reps, for example, take time to answer questions from young architects. Continuing education programs - both in an architect's office and in other venues -- are also excellent tools.

Your website, print collateral, articles in industry publications and online, and other marketing communications play an important role, too.

An educated, trained customer is more likely to appreciate and stick with better quality products.

 Published February 2nd, 2010, http://architexts.us/2010/02/02/school-vs-work/
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