Should you add chat software to your website?

Do prospects leave your website with unanswered questions?

Many times they will. Hopefully, they will be intrigued enough by what you offer to call or email, but there can be a substantial drop-off in interest if people have to leave your site in order to reach you. And another drop-off if they have to wait a day for your reply.

Website chat programs aim to bridge that gap, preventing interest drop-off by allowing prospects to contact you immediately, from your website, to get assistance.

We see this as an increasingly important opportunity:
  • Once you have attracted a prospect to your website, it is a way to deepen the connection.
  • Many individuals now use texting with the same ease, or more, than phone calls.
Here is one building product website already using the capabililty:
Clicking the icon in the lower left corner opens the dialog box. After signing in (a nice way to gather names for your prospect list), the user gets to exchange text messages with a representative.

Here is a live chat I had with LiveChat: