For those of you struggling with the economy, take not -- some firms grow even during declines.  I received this today in an email from a client:
Sorry for the lack of communications from my end! We have been inundated with an unprecedented level of sales - forcing us to deal ONLY with the moment. We have set several sales records this summer, and we are poised for our largest sales year since 1927. We are on a recruitment drive for two new employees to start, and two more planned for later this fall. All good, but this leaves NO time for keeping pace with marketing and product development.
The foundation for their growth included repositioning the company into new markets, reducing operational costs, trimming unnecessary expenses, embracing digital media, and listening to their customers. I trust that their work with Chusid Associates was also a contributing factor.

Keep focused. Stay optimistic. Learn from businesses that are struggling, but learn even more from businesses that are growing.