Copy Websites (Yours & Your Competitors')

Make copies of websites.
Building product manufacturers should make copies of their websites and other online assets. Having off-line copies will be helpful:
  • In case your website crashes and your webmaster forgot to save on offline version.
  • To preserve a record of your marketing claims to use in preparing a product liability defense.
  • To preserve your company's history for future reference.
  • You can refer to your website even when off line, such as during air travel, on a jobsite, or to make presentations at a prospect's office without having to access their internet service.
Also consider making copies of your competitors; online assets; you may be able to glean valuable intelligence by observing changes in a competitor's presentation.

A useful tool for copying websites is For your archiving to be successful, you will need the discipline to download sites on a regular basis and save them to a permanent storage device.