Tic-Tac-Toe, 3 product issues in a row

All in a row, three major architectural magazines have invited manufacturers to nominate products for their annual new product competitions:

Architectural Products  
  • Product Innovation Awards: For products, materials and systems that offer attributes, qualities, design, functionality and/or performance beyond the standard. Products entered do not need to be "new" to the market. $95 entry fee.
  • To be published in November issue.
  • Submittal deadline: July 22
  • Product Spec Guide: Submitted products must be green and must have been released within the past year. No entry fee.
  • Product categories: Envelope, Interiors, Systems, Outdoor, Materials, Lighting.
  • To be published in Fall 2011 Product Spec Guide. 
  • Submittal deadline August 5
Architectural Record
  • Product Reports: Presenting the most innovative and useful building products of year. No entry fee.
  • To be published in December 2011 issue.
  • Submittal deadline September 9 
Exposure in any of these issues produces great exposure and the bragging rights of being selected as a winner. And if your product is not selected for the product issues, editors may still showcase your product in a latter issue.

Since the cost of entry is so low, why not enter all three? You can pretty much use the same write-up to enter.  Call Chusid Associates at +1 818 774 0003 or click here for assistance in nominating your products.