CSI Continuing Education Program Terminated

Periods of rapid expansion in an industry are frequently followed by consolidation. This is what has, apparently, has happened to the now defunct Construction Specifications Institute's Construction Education Network (CEN).
The movement to require continuing education of architects began in the 1980s. AIA was one of the first organizations jumping onto the bandwagon, establishing AIA/CES for accrediting continuing education programs and vigorously promoting courses to AIA members. CSI joined the fray relatively late in the game, hoping to provide a continuing education vehicle that crossed disciplinary lines. But many other groups were more nimble in establishing themselves as the CEU providers of choice. US Green Building Council, engineering trade associations, and industry publishers now compete for a piece of the action, and demand has flattened.

CSI is still very active in providing continuing education, but will no longer be certifying programs nor tracking the credits obtained by participants.

Building product manufacturers with courses listed in CEN will need to make other arrangement for credentialing and promoting their programs.