Use landing pages on your Facebook page

Landing pages are useful tools on websites because they take visitors to the informative, useful, targeted entry page you choose, rather some random, potentially out of date, non-applicable page. The DreamGrow blog makes an excellent case for doing the same on your Facebook page.
Number one annoyance was the fact that when you land on the wall you don’t understand immediately where you are. Is it a page created by fans, employees or some random guy who just created a placeholder. The brands with a landing page stood out. Make people understand that this is the right pace, the official page...

Even if you don’t have anything else create a landing tab for your Facebook page!
Facebook landing tab should answer two [sic] questions:

  • Where am I?
  • What can I do here?
  • Why should I click “like”?
The post also includes brief tips on how to set up the landing tab, which is a fairly simple process if you already understand how to set up and customize your page.