France's QR-enabled building

Teletech International has chosen MVRDV to remodel a building in the French city of Dijon. The proposed redesign includes QR codes on the fascade.

I was able to scan the codes, both of which resolve to MVRDV's homepage. The checkerboard-esque QR design also extends to at least one interior room, which, sadly, does not seem scannable.

I like this. Aesthetically, it speaks to the adoption of QR codes into popular culture, and how significant their impact has and will be. From a marketing perspective, I love the idea of branding a building like this, forming a direct connection to the institution's website.

QR codes point to an HTML address; make this a forwarding address and it is easy to change where the code points. This means the exterior code can become a sponsored ad, featuring a different company every month. This could also be a way to embed useful information, such as building maps, a school's course catalog, a calendar of events, or even, as MVRDV has done, a link to the building's designer.

It sounds like this is going to be painted onto the building; I wonder how long before a masonry or precast manufacturer develops a more permanent solution.