Flying Concrete

In the 90's there was an underground comic called Concrete. The character got his name because, like concrete, he was strong, tough, heavy, and unattractive.  This has traditionally been the common conception of concrete, which is why it's been so amazing to see concrete change over the past decade into a decorative, fluid, lightweight medium.

Flying Concrete demonstrates how far concrete has come. The site is run by Steve Kornher, a designer/builder currently working in Mexico, who loves pushing the boundaries of what he can do with concrete.
Concrete is a plastic medium and has incredible potential for creating fluid, sculptural forms. I will admit that some of the dullest structures around are made of concrete but dullness isn't a limitation inherent in the material. As the accompanying photographs demonstrate, the builder's imagination may be the greatest limitation of its use as a sculptural medium.
His site is worth checking out, especially the Projects section. Many of the slideshows contain a good deal of process shots in addition to completed projects; watching him develop the forms and structures is fascinating.

Steve points out on his site that he is not a registered architect, and needs to work with one on all his projects. I wonder how much of his creativity stems from that lack of certification. Is it his lack of formal training that allows him to visualize novel forms, or is he just getting clients more willing to take the risks?

As of this writing, the site seems to have gone dormant; the last update was in 2010, and no new workshops have been scheduled in over a year. Hopefully that just means he's been too busy working to post new material, and we will see more soon.