Trade Show Ideas that Work

Here is a photo album of good trade show ideas from this year's World of Concrete expo in Las Vegas.
Operating a vibrating "stinger" is one of the toughest jobs in concrete placing. This equipment manufacturer plays the image to the hilt with their tough guy routine complete with bulldog with spiked collar, skull and flame motif, sunglasses, and stogie. This "gentleman" was handing out temporary tattoo transfers with the company's logo and make-my-day attitude.
Construction scaffolding is a low cost way to support banners, video screens, and samples, and speaks to the construction industry context of the products. Rented locally, the exhibitor avoided shipping costs. Tower created visibility from across the hall.
Taking advantage of a corner location on a main aisle, the gateway and curving "pavement" draws the eye into the booth. And where the eyes go, feet are likely to handle. The paving motif also speaks to the industry in which Stilh competes.
From the front, this representative from the Portland Cement Association offers a friendly face and handshake. Yet his message is clear even when his back is turned. "Think Harder. Concrete." is a brilliant slogan, and attendees were eager to get the freebie shirts, hats, and bags being offered. I suspect most of them will actually wear the swag as a statement of pride in their industry.
Many booths display their packaging as a way to create visual recognition and to explain how the product is delivered. This firm turned their packaging into an attention getting, illuminated display. Colored lamps also reinforce the importance of colors to the firm's product line.