Good buys or Goodbyes?

I recently became a Groupon subscriber for the third time. This was followed about a month later by me cancelling my Groupon subscription. For the third time.

For those not familiar, Groupon is a popular and rapidly growing "Group Coupon" service; member companies offer great deals on product or services if a certain minimum number of people pre-buy through Groupon. It has spawned several imitators, such as Living Social and Google Offers.

I am always looking for a good deal, and am married to a semi-pro competitive bargain hunter, so why am I opting out, again, from Groupon? Too many offers.

Call them a victim of their own success. There are so many local companies now participating in Groupon that no matter how narrowly I define my interests (casual dining, concerts, and travel) I get flooded on a daily basis by offers I have no interest in (manicures, laser hair removal, and pole-dancing fitness classes).

There is an important issue here; no matter how interested your customers are in what you offer, you will lose them if you do not communicate in the correct manner. Communicating too frequently can be worse than not enough, and sending them information about products they are not interested in just means they miss the ones they want to know about.