"Please be considerate of his time"

I requested information from a vendor about one of their key products on Monday. On Wednesday I got a call from one of their reps. I asked several questions he did not know the answer to. He offered to give me the phone number of their in-house expert; I asked if the expert was available to talk now. The sales rep put me on hold - after getting my permission, but I swear he just put the receiver down on his desk; I could hear his in-office conversation - for several minutes before informing me the expert was not available.

Alright, said I, please ask him to call me later. Absolutely, said the rep. But when his follow-up email arrived that afternoon it contained instructions for me to contact the expert, closing with this line:

"Please be considerate of his time."

Seriously? Isn't that Day One of sales training? Especially since this sales rep was in no way considerate of my time (two day delay on call-back, placing me on hold, making me do the follow-up).

I can only conclude from this statement that their in-house technical expert is attempting to defuse explosives or perform neurosurgery and cannot afford distraction. I cannot confirm this, though, as I will not be having further contact with, or sending money to, this company.