More Plant Design Inspiration

In addition to my previous post, "Vegitecture", I've recently come across several other plants incorporated into architecture that will hopefully inspire you and your future product designs.

Designers Claesson Koivisto Rune, Front, Jean-Marie Massaud and Luca Nichetto presented furniture for incorporating plants into office spaces for Swedish brand Offecct at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this year.

French designer Patrick Nadeau has created an installation for Italian brand Boffi, consisting of hanging domes covered in living plants that create an interior "rainforest" illusion.

Design collective Pour les Alpes presented multi-faceted wooden plant pots at the DMY International Design Festival in Berlin.

Union Street Urban Orchard by Heather Ring

Ivy Building by Geneto

Architect Anne Holtrop has collaborated with green technology firm Studio Noach and botanist Patrick Blanc to propose an artificial floating island containing gardens and a spa.

Sky Garden House by Guz Architects

Architect Vincent Callebaut has designed a conceptual transport system, Hydrogenase, that would involve airships powered by seaweed.
This salon uses hanging vines as dividers