Labeling Packaging and Products

A new hand-held inkjet printer has potential marketing benefits for building products. The Handjet Printer from EBS Ink-Jet Systems can apply any text to almost any surface. While it is primarily designed for applying labels to packaging or products, it can also be used to print notes, quickly and legibly onto a product to simplify field installation.

This could be especially useful for customized products fabricated with CAD/CAM equipment where each part can be potentially unique. In current practice, such a product would be shipped into the field labeled with a part number. One would then have to look at a set of drawings to identify its location in a project. The drawings may also have notes indicating erection sequence, attachment locations, warnings, and other information related installation of the part.

With the Handjet, these notes could be readily printed on the part itself, simplifying the installers time cross referencing between the parts and the drawings. The convenience, and potential labor savings, can become a marketable feature of your product.

Similarly, information typically found in an maintenance manual could be printed on a product, simplifying building operations.

I can visualize other uses for the technology: In-plant applications include quality control, inventory. and shipping. In the field, it could be used to create attention-getting notes to installers or other trades people. And as job site robots come into use (and they will), ink jet printers like this could be used to mark survey and layout points to speed installation.