Know Your Hashtags: #worldconcrete

#worldconcrete is the official hash tag for World of Concrete 2011, according to the show's Twitter stream. However, I have also seen tweets under #WOC2011 and #worldofconcrete. If you are posting tweets, use #worldconcrete; if you are monitoring, check for all three.

Hash tags are an important tool for understanding and using Twitter successfully. A hash tag is a single word (or multiple words compressed scriptio continua) preceded by the # character. For example, #construction or #sustainabledesign. They assist in searching by categorizing related tweets; clicking on the above examples will pull up searches of recent posts on those topics.

Hash tags have two other significant benefits; anyone can make a new one at any time, and they properly categorize your tweet even if you did not use the proper keyword. This means that I can talk about a new product's environmental benefits without using the term "sustainable design", and a search for the term will still find my tweet. This is important in the Twitter space, where you do not have much room for SEO.

For example: "New concrete admixture reduces CO2 emissions 32% #sustainabledesign" clearly makes the point, is clear and coherent, and leaves 73 characters for my company name and link.

You do not need to use hash tags on every tweet you make. Use them to link your tweet to a specific larger topic (#construction probably will not help you, but #worldconcrete or #AIA will if you are exhibiting at those shows). For any Twitter marketing campaign where you are asking people to tweet and retweet your message, they are essential.