Holiday Gifts for Architects & Clients

December is here again and it's time consider holiday gifts and greeting cards for clients!

Here are a few creative ways building product manufacturers can create holiday gifts that promote your business while spreading holiday cheer:

Miniature Bollard Reproductions
Christmas Tree Ornaments - Companies that manufacture decorative materials can craft ornaments from their materials, cutting them to shape, and then etching or engraving a design onto them. I have seen Christmas trees in designers' and builders' offices decorated with nothing but product samples.

A variation on this theme would be to make miniature reproductions of your products to hang on a tree.  Imagine, for example, the decorative potential of the bollards below if reduced to just three-inch height and made in bright colors.

Custom-produced luminaria.
Showcase your Capabilities - One of our clients uses very sophisticated, automated CAD/CAM machinery to produce ceiling and wall panels. They were able to showcase their capabilities by sending customers luminarias made with their own processes.

Creative Packaging - When Sweets Catalog Files were still published as a collection of thick, hard-bound books, Michael Chusid used to transform the old year's volumes into candy boxes; cutting the catalog pages to create a hollow space within. For other clients, we have packaged holiday cookies or other treats inside their regular product packaging.

Mary on Christmas card.
Customized Holiday Cards - Sometimes a photo from a project you worked on makes a great image for a holiday card. This is a technique that architects and builders also use in their holiday missives. Classic images include the illuminated Christmas tree mounted to a topped-out structural frame, and the newly completed building adorned with holiday lights for the first time. The text of the card can describe your connection to the project without being crassly commercial.
Several years ago, one of our clients was a supplier to the newly completed Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral in Los Angeles. The haloed Mary over the main entrance to the cathedral was perfect for the season.

Other Ideas:
Decorative concrete coasters, envelope openers with your company information, product-shaped chocolates, etc.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Chusid Associates!