Fortune 50 Companies Use of Mobile, QR Codes Increasing

A new study came out Wednesday that shows mobile usage by Fortune 50 companies is on the rise. What can building product manufacturers, especially smaller ones, learn from this? Let's examine the results:

  • 62% have a mobile website or app, but only 39% publicize it on their website.
  • Mobile websites focus on simplified navigation and on-the-spot utility.
  • Mobile is being used for shopping, requesting quotes, paying bills, checking accounts, and placing orders. The study points this out as "Transactions, not just information".
  • Mobile includes voice, images, video, and location-based content.
  • 22% are using QR codes.
The study, conducted by Burson-Marsteller/Proof Digital Research, shows an interesting combination of action and inaction, especially the revelation that almost half the companies with a mobile presence do not publicize it. I am curious whether that stems from research and experience, or just oversight. Regardless, for smaller companies a mobile presence can be a huge selling point so I strongly encourage you to publicize your mobile site. 

The finding about QR codes is also exciting; a company like Ford or Sears can do a lot to help spread adoption of an emerging technology. Ford uses QR codes in their ads the same way manufacturers in our industry can: "Here's a picture of a beautiful truck; scan this code for further information, videos, and to learn where to buy." A commenter correctly pointed out that this information is just hype until we see better numbers about QR scanner downloads and scans per day, but this is still a sign of progress.

[h/t QR Code Magazine]