Why Architects Need Sales Reps

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Right out of architectural school with a polished portfolio of design work and blazingly fast speed on the latest 3D drawing tool. But ready to select building materials? That's another question.

I was lucky in my first architectural job -- I had mentors in the firm that took time to train me. But most of what I have learned in those early days of architectural practice was taught to me by building product sales reps.

I remain grateful, example, to the architectural hardware consultant who explained that an office lock can be locked from the inside via a push button, but a classroom lock can only be locked from the exterior and requires a key to do so -- thus preventing students from locking the door when teacher steps into the hallway.

CeSill is cartoon strip by Larry Fredlund, Assoc. AIA, CSI, a sales rep for Pella Windows. Check out this and his other comments on architectural practice at www.cesill.wordpress.com.