ACI Launches Mobile-Optimized Website

The American Concrete Institue now has a mobile website for their on-the-go users. From the email announcement:
ACI announces, a mobile-optimized version of its website. The site transforms the most popular areas on ACI’s website into a format more convenient for users with mobile devices.
The site is very bare bones, but that's fine for now. I expect it will get more fleshed-out as traffic increases, and I would rather a minimalist, easy-to-load, functional site than a highly designed, flashy, and hard to use one.

ACI's mobile website features a
glossary of important concrete terms.

It is notable that this is coming from ACI, an established and well-entrenched organization, as opposed to some new startup; it shows both how widely adopted mobile web browsing now is, and an understanding that their members are not always at a desk when they need information.